The Seven Chakras

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They are not typically seen, yet they exist. They are in your body, yet not its physical form. They are sometimes blocked, yet they can be opened and transcended. There are 88,000 of them, but 7 are of utmost importance.

Of course, we are talking about chakras—energetic centers in the astral body of every human being that translate from Sanskrit to mean “wheel.” They are more subtle than the parts of our physical body and cannot be seen with the physical eye but their function, or improper function, is manifested in how we feel and behave. When one’s awareness to them is heightened, their existence becomes even more evident.

“The opening of the chakras is felt in our psychology, our character, and our attitudes. In the great majority of human beings, the only open chakra is the first, which is the highest within the animal kingdom,” wrote Prabhuji, H.H. Avadhuta Sri Ramakrishnananda Babaji Maharaja, in his book Kundalini Yoga.

“This is one of the reasons why in most of human society, there is only the effort to satisfy one’s basic and essential necessities like sleeping, eating, defending oneself and maintaining a sex life.” [caption id="attachment_824" align="alignright" width="288"]Chakra Incense Chakra Stick Incense[/caption]

At Prabhuji’s Gifts, we now offer our new Chakra Stick Incense, as well as Chakra Resin Incense mixtures that we’ve been infusing with sacred mantras for years. Both the stick and resin Chakra Incense are blended with the finest natural ingredients in accordance to ancient wisdom. Each specific fragrance has been tested by Prabhuji during meditation and chosen for its inherent energetic quality: to help open individual chakras and promote spiritual, physical and emotional health. Each Chakra Incense fragrance has a distinct purpose to help activate and open a specific energetic center.

The science of Kundalini teaches that when we want to encourage certain strengths or virtues, let’s say for example to increase our sensitivity towards others or improve our ability to concentrate, there are specific aromas that can help us. Chakras rotate clockwise as swirling metaphysical vortexes that receive, assimilate and transmit vital energies both toward the astral body as well as away from it. They are interconnected by nadis, which are channels through which vital energy flows on the astral plane that correspond to our veins and arteries. Chakras affect the physical, psychological, sexual and emotional aspects, and our ability to communicate. They also have a significant influence on the digestive, nervous, circulatory, and respiratory systems.

The power of the kundalini helps to open the chakras.

“This divine energy is felt in the human being as the awakening of the deep desire to return home, to our source, to God. Because the blessing of awakening of the kundalini marks the beginning of the involutive process in which diversity is reabsorbed in the original unity,” Prabhuji wrote.

“Each one of us in our bodily state is a contraction of the universe. The awakening, elevation and descent of the kundalini shakti correspond to a universal process of manifestation and dissolution in the individual plane. The process that is produced by the ascension of the kundalini shakti is of an involutive character; its direction is towards the dissolution of the individual.”

The chakras are the connection between the physical and astral worlds.

The seven main chakras are located along the sushumna nadi in the astral body in a line from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.

Each one relates to a level of creation and is connected to a specific element—ether, air, fire, water, and earth. Correspondingly, its characteristics and qualities reflect these in ways such as the solidity of earth, fluidity of water, transforming and illuminating power of fire, and lightness of air.

Each chakra also has a presiding deity, color, a lotus flower with a specific number of petals, power, esoteric symbol, mantra, shape, animal, plane of consciousness, sense, gland, sensory and motor organs, fragrance, planet, and more. Different types of stimuli on the physical plane can help to open the chakra, such as the vibrations of specific mantras as well as aromas. In Prabhuji’s Gifts Chakra Stick Incense, we have carefully selected aromas designed to help open our seven main chakras with fragrant blends containing various dried grasses, different types of wood, and flower petals.

The main chakras are the muladhara at the base of the spine, the svadhishthana just above it, the manipura above the navel, the anahata near the center of the heart, the vishuddha at the base of the throat, the ajna at the third eye, and the sahasrara at the top of the head.

Enlightened spiritual masters have revealed so much detailed information and wisdom on each chakra that there isn’t room to express it here. Prabhuji has written about the chakras in illuminating detail in his book Kundalini Yoga. You’re welcome to read more on this important topic for free online at:


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