Prabhuji’s Gifts’ “official” history started 32 years ago, but the journey begun years earlier, and it is spread over different continents and various religions and traditions. 

The incense calling

It all started in 1970. Prabhuji, the spiritual master and the founder of the Prabhuji mission, was then a just young boy of 12 years old, and his family relocated from Chile to Israel for two years. For the first time in his life, the little child saw people from various countries and cultures. In his neighborhood lived a family from India. Every day, when passing by their house Prabhuji noticed a mysterious fragrance in the air. Without knowing what it was, his soul felt an attraction to that fragrance. He would stop by the house for a few minutes, enjoy the aroma, and continue his way.

Back in Chile, in 1976, Prabhuji, a youthful spiritual seeker, was attracted to Krishna temple in Puente Alto, where he did his first steps in Krishna Bhakti. There, during the puja ceremony to their Lordship Shri Shri Radha Krishna, he noticed again the same type of attractive fragrance he remembered from his childhood. He realized that the aroma originated from the smoking incense the priest offered in the ceremony. This time the magical scent enveloped him with an intense devotion to Lord Krishna and sweet yearning to Him.

In the following years, Prabhuji continued his spiritual journey, exploring and mastering various paths and religions. He searched everywhere: Hinduism, Islam, Shamanism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, martial arts, and more. He studied and practiced the different spiritual paths seeking for that experience they all aspire for: unity with the Divine.   

A few years later, in 1980, in the market of the small Israeli town Karmiel, Prabhuji passed by a small dry fruits store owned by an old Bedouin. From this store, oddly enough, he noticed once more that incredible fragrance. He looked inside and saw the store full of incense boxes. Prabhuji immediately thought: “Oh, what an amazing idea! To sell incense! It is so beautiful to let people enjoy this spiritual fragrance!” He entered the store and asked the owner: “where could you find all this incense? The Bedouin laughed and replied: “One guy owed me money and did not have how to pay me back. He only had all this incense, so I took it all from him, and I sell it.” Exploring the large variety of incense in the shop, Prabhuji realized that not all were of the same quality or had the same spiritual effect on him. Some felt more artificial, while some did not inspire him at all. He then thought further: “ If one day I will sell incense, I wish to travel to the artisans and personally select only the best fragrances, with more natural ingredients and only those that have this spiritual magic.

One evening, while walking in the streets of a small town in south India, Prabhuji sensed in the air a truly wonderful incense scent that instantly led him into an ecstatic meditative state. The fragrance was so irresistible that Prabhuji could not help but going after it, finally reaching the residence of a humble man, engaged in his evening worship and meditation. It turned out that the man was from a family of traditional perfumers, masters of crafting natural incense according to ancient formulas. The man hand-crafted this incredible incense by mixing herbs, resins, spices, and gums. He was offering the fragrant smoke of his creation to the Divine in his evening Puja.

The incense and the meeting with its creator were so significant for Prabhuji that he left the man's house with his hands full of incense packages to share it with the world.

Our other lines of products

This incense, called today Yamuna, was our first product. The first of an entire line of incense blends, carefully chosen by Prabhuji for their meditative, spiritual, and natural qualities.
Sharing the power of incense with the world inspired Prabhuji to share more meditation and devotion enhancers from different paths and religions that were significant for him on his long spiritual journey. He then created the Shamanic Resin Incense line, Sufi Attar oil, Shamanic Smudging herbs, Andean herb incense, Hindu Chakra candles, Saucha soaps, and Judaica articles.
Prabhuji also shares his vast spiritual knowledge through his books and video lectures. He explores various spiritual subjects skillfully using examples from all the spiritual paths he had mastered through his journey.