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Prabhuji’s Gifts is now Green America certified! Green America is a not-for-profit organization that certifies businesses to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society, empowering consumers to take action through their purchases. The certification is a big step and gives official recognition to our efforts to use our business as a platform for positive social change. The certification tells customers that Prabhuji’s Gifts is driven by its values, operating according to principles of social justice and environmental sustainability, runs its operations with environmental responsibility, is committed to extraordinary practices that benefit workers and communities, and is accountable for its work and operates with transparency.

With heightened environmental awareness, Prabhuji’s Gifts now uses recycled boxes and other packing materials for the majority of our shipping, offsets the carbon emissions produced by transporting its products to customers, and has increased its in-house recycling. This comes after we reduced the amount of fuel required for day-to-day business operations in half by moving our shipping and production center to a more central location in 2011. In our office, we use energy efficient LED light bulbs, print on two sides of every piece of paper we use, and reduce the total amount of paper usage by as much as possible through using electronic messages and attachments whenever possible.

Socially conscious, we frequently send a representative to observe the working conditions of raw material suppliers to ensure they are being treated fairly, working in safe and healthy conditions, and ensuring there is no child labor.

The company has also increased its humanitarian donations and has become a significant donor to food distribution programs in Colombia and the Dominican Republic, as well as to a tuition center for children in need in India. These are in addition to the Food Rescue Program in New York State that the company has donated to for several years. Visit here for more information about the humanitarian projects that Prabhuji’s Gifts supports. Our level of certification is categorized as ‘silver’, indicating that Prabhuji’s Gifts is deepening its commitment to both social and environmental responsibility by spearheading changes in our core business practices, along our supply chain, and in communities.

When you purchase our products, you support social and environmental responsibility!

As a Green America Certified Business, we adhere to the following aims:

Green Business
Helping socially and environmentally responsible businesses emerge and thrive.

Fair Trade
Promoting economic justice for farmers and artisans through fair trade

Stopping Sweatshops
Using economic power to end abusive labor practices and promote living wages for workers worldwide.

Climate Action
Our Climate Action Campaign brings together individuals, shareholders, and communities to pressure corporate polluters to take climate change seriously.

Responsible Shopper
Providing information to help you make socially and environmentally responsible purchasing decisions in the corporate marketplace.

Social Investing
Providing tips and strategies to help you bring your investments in line with your social and environmental values.

Community Investing
Putting savings and investment dollars to work to provide much needed resources for affordable housing, health care, and credit access in underserved communities worldwide.

Shareholder Action
Giving you the information and action steps you need to vote your proxies in favor of socially and environmentally responsible corporate practices.

The Better Paper Project
Providing practical strategies and resources to magazine publishers for printing on environmentally preferable paper.

Shop & Unshop
Providing tips and strategies to green your purchasing--and help you stop buying what you don't need--that are practical, easy-to-use and fun!


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