They Say it Better.... (Purpose Resin Incense reviews)

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Lakshmi Resin IncenseLakshmi- Money and Prosperity

Mysterious Microburst- Amazon This is one of the most beautiful combinations of resins, woods, essential oils (and honey!) I've ever had the pleasure of breathing! When the package arrived, I did not have my self-igniting charcoal handy, so assembled about a teaspoonful of the contents and lit them off, adhering them one to another until I had a sort of small, resinous sculpture atop a safe thick metal burner plate. I'm not sure whether charcoal would take away from the lovely quality. I'd be inclined to break the charcoal in half, because this incense can best be described as precious and in addition to the sweet and piquant resins, there are some subtle and delicate qualities which might be lost in the heat of the charcoal. It is an INTOXICATING scent! What's more, if you are careful, you can burn the incense as I did.. without charcoal, touching a flame to it. Very meditative time I had, building this sculpture of scent.

Kama Resin IncenseKama- Love and Attraction

Corinne from Maryland- Incense Warehouse Wow, I bought this incense a few months ago and i really have to say the smell is out of this earth.i love it and will definitely buy again!!!    

Dhanvantari Resin IncenseDhanvantari- Health and Healing

George Simos, NJ- Amazong lemon grass is so pungent and relaxing in this mix. Perfect with the blend of ancient resins in this jar, especially with the myrrh.    

Ananda- clearing negativity

By ALSULTAN ABR- Amazon Best incense! I bought all the incenses of them and they are all marvelous they have very nice smell and once the smoke is in the room you realy feel happy and free    

Shanti Resin IncenseShanti- peaceful home

Angela Bevins from Virginia.- Incense Warehouse Addicting! I love this one as much as the Ananda resin. It smells amazing! I want to waft it all over myself so I can take the scent everywhere with me. I can't wait to try the other blends!   Surya Resin Incense

Surya- Happiness and Joy

By 2Bookworms- Amazon This insence is awesome. Very strong though. I can even use this outside. Great for getting rid of mosquitos. Fills up a room fast though. Way better than sticks.


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