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We have collected some of the lovely reviews that our Attar Oils here for you. Thank you to Grottola, Eris, Mysterious Microburst and many more satisfied customers! Tilak Sarah M. Smith (Amazon): I'm so thrilled to find this on-line. I LOVE this fragrance and have purchased it several times at a local occult shop. I get complimented constantly on it. Admittedly, this is not for everyone. I don't smell any of the orange or vanilla in this perfume. On me, it has the wonderful sweet, intoxicating scent that happens when you've been in a room with burning incense. There is no proper way to describe the scent. If you are into light, girly florals this is NOT for you. The oil itself lasts a long time and only a very small amount is needed to achieve a lovely scent. I can still smell it the next day after an evening of dancing. Totally worth a try, totally worth the price.   Atma Grottola (Fragrantica): I found this stuff (along with the other attars in this line) at a local organic grocery store, and my god, it smells amazing. I don't really get lemongrass out of this; instead, it's a rich, lush, peppery oriental, with facets of Burberry London and even DK Fuel (!!!!) for Men by Donna Karan. While I do smell the frakincense, this is basically a peppery incense & leather oriental. It comes in a rollerball bottle, so you only need a little bit. It projects like crazy and lasts all day. Probably the best discovery I've made all year... if you can get your hands on some of this, please do. $25 may seem like a steep price for 0.5 oz of fragrance, but this stuff is so concentrated that it's well worth your money. Also, if you're a fan of DK Men/Fuel for Men, Donna Karan's original men's fragrance, but can't find it, or you're looking for a suitable alternative, this might be the one for you. Try it, folks! Big thumbs up for Atma! Jugala Eris (Amazon): I wear this oil pretty much all day, every day (sometimes I combine with Auric Blends Sandalwood), and I can't tell you how many complimentary comments I've recieved! I adore this scent, it's an exotic, deep, almost spicy rose-definitely not the norm. Not your Grandmothers rose perfume! If you want to stand out, make an impression and provide that little extra aromatherapy-esque "something", this is the way to go! Highly recommended. Would say though, it's not as long lasting as the Auric Blends scents....but then again, I would take a bath in this stuff so, I try to not let that get me down too much...   Padma Mysterious Microburst (Amazon): I've never been a huge fan of floral fragrances and tend to avoid them. There was something about the addition of clove that fascinated me and the price of this oil is quite reasonable. I decided to give "Padma" a chance and I'm very happy that I did! In a word? Wow! This is a quality blend that lasts but isn't endlessly intense. It dissipates gently and keeps a lovely scent throughout. A little goes a long way, so if you get a bit too enthusiastic on the first application you might add a quality dilute oil of sandalwood to mellow the rose note (I recommend the 14% sandalwood essential oil dilution sold by NOW). It takes approximately 30 minutes for this fragrance to really begin dry down, at which point it becomes incredibly mellow, sublime and delicious. Not that it isn't marvelous from the moment you apply it to your skin. It was, for me, different at first as I haven't worn either of my favorite floral scents (Joy or Bellodgia) in several years and have been using fragrances which are spicy, woody or reminiscent of slightly sweet resinous incense. About a decade ago, I purchased at great expense a bottle of Cartier's "So Pretty!" I loved the original formulation of Cartier Must but wanted to have something a bit more feminine in my arsenal and trusted that "So Pretty!" would prove to be a winner. I sprayed a bit from a Tester on to my wrists and it just wouldn't mellow. An hour later, the stuff smelled as strong as it had when first applied. Was I ever wrong in wasting a large sum of money because of a "big name"! I used less than 1/3rd of the bottle of Cartier's floral and packed it away in a box, never to use it again. Having said this, Cartier could learn quite a lot from "Padma". Sometimes the beauty of a fragrance comes from its relative simplicity. "So Pretty!" was much too busy and didn't improve on dry down. I found it cloying and obnoxious. Padma is neither of these things: it is beautiful. The blend is exquisite and the fragrance is REAL. I smell true rose and jasmine. The clove is just a hint at first but asserts itself just enough in dry down to create a lovely and harmonious scent, like a fine and pure incense. It is neither cloying nor obnoxious. Applying just a small amount of this oil will last for several hours, gradually decreasing but never smelling unpleasant. Padma isn't expensive, but it smells as though it cost a bundle! This is one of the best discoveries I've made in many years and I thank the original reviewer for convincing me that Padma was (is!) a worthwhile investment. Padma is shipped by Tom's Incense in a gold foil gift box and the bottle and label are quite lovely. This scent would make any woman who loves quality floral scents very happy. In near future I'll invest in another of the oils made by Ramakrishnananda because Padma is now one of the three floral fragrances I truly enjoy wearing. Comparing this oil to such famous scents as Joy or Bellodgia may seem ridiculous to many, but when I smell an oil I delight in wearing which succeeds where Cartier failed, well..? I'm quite simply stating a fact. Just because something costs $100 a bottle and bears the name of a large and famous house doesn't automatically mean it's good. And because something costs around 20 dollars US and is made by a company with which I was unfamiliar does not automatically mean it will be an inferior product. Padma is one of those fragrances which proves that the price tag and the name are no guarantee of quality. This is a great fragrance that people ASK me, in particular (and here's proof of the natural floral oils: my CATS love this scent, as well! Cats seem to loathe artificial fragrances and adore those that are real..when in doubt, trust a cat!) I can't imagine ANYONE regretting purchasing Padma. It is all that "So Pretty!" tried to be and failed. If you had the same issues with Cartier's highly touted floral that I did, you're definitely in for a most pleasant surprise when you buy Padma. Jiva dionna pritchard (Incense warehouse): I just received my order and this is an amazing product! the scent is hypnotizing, and lasts a very long time. I am buying more now!


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