Create festive  holiday cards from our Jaganatha and Shyam Incense covers

Create festive holiday cards from our Jaganatha and Shyam Incense covers

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Greeting CardWhile we all love to receive cards during the holidays, to be given one that has been handmade is all the more meaningful. It shows that the one who gave them to us really thought about us.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create unique, handmade holiday cards from our Jaganatha and Shyam Incense covers.

You will not only give a meaningful and attractive card, you will also protect our environment by upcycling  incense covers, which are made with 100% recycled cardboard.

All you need for this project is: scissors, glue 1 Shyam Incense cover and 1 Jaganatha Incense cover.

In this project we will use only the designs known as “mehendi” that decorate the top, bottom and sides of the covers.

Creating the snowflake:

1. Cut the following shapes from the covers: Parts to cut

2. Cut a small round shape of cardboard (max. 2 cm dia.) from any part of the cover that does not have the mehendi design, and glue the 6 match-like pieces around it in this way:


3. Take the green parts and glue them in pairs this way:

4. Place the 3 green pieces in the shape of a star, like this:


5. Glue the green star on top of the red one so that its points alternate with the red ones.
6. Glue the red circle on the top of the green star’s center:



Making the card, frame and greeting:

1. Take a white piece of cardstock and cut a 22.5 cm x 17.5 cm piece.

2. Fold the piece into to create a vertical folding card.

3. Cut the mehendi design from the sides of Jaganatha Incense covers like this:

Frame borders 

4. Glue the mehendi cut-outs along the sides of the folded card as a border:

Outer frame1

5. Cut the mehendi design from the side and corners of both the front and back of the Shyam Incense cover, and paste it like this:

Inner Frame      

6. Now glue the star where you would like it:



This can be your final card, but if you like, you can also add a greeting.

1. Type your greeting in the font of your choice and print it on a piece of white cardstock. Alternatively you can write it with a good quality pen. Cut it into 3” x 1” piece.

2. Cut the upper and lower “mehendi” borders from the Jaganatha incense cover, and paste them together as an artistic border around the greeting: sentiment

3. Paste the greeting on the card:

Greeting Card

We are wishing you a beautiful holiday and a happy, creative and fragrant New Year!


Outer frame1


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