The power of incense - Sales help buy kids Christmas gifts

The power of incense - Sales help buy kids Christmas gifts

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toy-dist-The festive combination of smiling faces and Christmas time is something that everyone likes to see, and this is why Prabhuji’s Gifts donates $1 from each Holiday Incense Package Gift purchase to an independent program that gives toys to children living in poverty, in the U.S. and abroad. It all started in 2014. Prabhuji, the inspiration behind Prabhuji’s Gifts and the guru of many disciples around the world, founded the Prabhuji Toy Distribution Program with one goal in mind: to put smiles on children’s faces at Christmas by giving them toys that their parents cannot afford.0

Christmas is a joyful time that many await with anticipation each year. small-toy-dist-imageIt commemorates
the birth of a pure devotee of the Lord who influenced the lives of many. Gifts, especially for children, are an integral part of this holiday’s experience. Have you ever wondered, however, what happens to those poor families who do not have money to buy Christmas gifts for their children? Have you ever wondered what those children who do not receive a gift feel on Christmas? Have you ever wondered how a child who sees others open gifts yet receives none feels?

Prabhuji feels that every child deserves a gift on Christmas, regardless of the economic situation of their families.

Prabhuji resides with his closest disciples in an ashram in upstate New York where, despite the region’s proximity to prosperous New York City, many people in the rural area have trouble finding employment and consequently live in poverty. He first established the Prabhuji Food Distribution Program at the ashram in Round Top, NY, which gives nutritious food to local families who struggle to make ends meet. Through this, Prabhuji discovered that many of the people receiving boxes of food weekly could not afford to buy their children Christmas gifts.

And so it began. The Prabhuji Toy Distribution Program was created and nearly 80 children in the area got exactly what they had asked for on Christmas Eve. Their smiles and squeals of delight filled the ashram!

Simultaneously and through devoted disciples in the Dominican Republic, hundreds of impoverished children there also received Christmas gifts. 

The gift giving has now become a tradition small-blog-toy-dist-domthrough the Prabhuji Toy Distribution Program, and as word has spread throughout rural New York, the list of local children needing gifts has grown. Every Christmas Eve, Prabhuji personally hands out more than a hundred gifts to these children, with hundreds in the Dominican Republic also set to receive presents. Prabhuji’s Gifts wants you to have to opportunity to join in on the beauty of generosity! So $1 from each Holiday Incense Gift Package that you buy is donated to the Prabhuji Toy Distribution Program.


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