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Prabhuji’s Gifts is joining in on this year’s Earth Day 2013 celebrations on April 22nd and has made an Act of Green as a part of the international movement to protect the planet and secure a sustainable future. Earth Day Network has already drawn in more than 1 billion individual actions by individuals, businesses and governments, which have reduced human impact on the globe. We’re helping to bring the number of low-impact actions to the goal of 2 billion as the world’s biggest environmental service campaign inspires us all to protect our blessed planet. To read more about Earth Day, and to commit to an Act of Green, click here:

Our commitment this year is to reduce the amount of emissions we produce through carbon-neutral shipping, as well as to decrease material waste by recycling boxes and packing materials. You can feel confident that every package that you order from us, when delivered within the United States, is being transported in an environmental manner as we offset the carbon emissions by donating to a green project through GreenShipping. At no additional cost to our customers, we now counterbalance emissions from shipments by purchasing carbon off-sets from Bonneville Environmental Foundation, which in turn funds environmental education to expand the use of renewable energy.

We have also just added four 100% natural items to our stock of smudging products, which are innately spiritually purifying. The small white sage, cedar, juniper and Yerba Santa smudges are bundles of dried herbs that bring a natural aroma into your space while purifying the environment on the spiritual level, often attracting positive energy. Further to our commitment, Prabhuji’s Gifts also recently became certified as a Green America business ( as we take steps to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society, all while  increasing our business’s transparency! The certification tells customers that we are driven by our values, operating according to principles of social justice and environmental sustainability, run our operations with environmental responsibility, are committed to extraordinary practices that benefit workers and communities, and are accountable for our work and operate with transparency  

Our Act of Green 2013:

Prabhuji’s Gifts, a New York-based incense and aromatherapy company with global customers, commits to reducing its carbon footprint through carbon-neutral shipping, and reusing boxes and packing material. We have also just added four 100% natural items to our stock and became Green America certified as we take steps to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society.



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