We do not work, we serve.

Prabhuji’s Gifts is managed and operated by the monastics of Prabhuji Mission. We live a life of seclusion in our peaceful Avadhutashram in the forests of the Catskill Mountains.
We live a traditional Hindu ashram life in the holy presence of our Spiritual Master, Prabhuji, dividing our day between Meditation, study, worship, and service. Under the guidance of our Spiritual master, we study the various yogic paths, different philosophical approaches to Divinity, and the many ways religions relate and describe the Truth.
Our Service in Prabhuji’s gifts is a part of our monastic duties and karma yoga practice. In traditional Hinduism, Karma Yoga, or Seva, means offering one’s best skills, time, and energy to existence with love and devotion without expecting any personal reward in return. This practice helps us purify from past karma and prepare ourselves for higher stages of meditation in which the expectation of results is an obstacle.
Prabhuji’s Gifts is only one of the different engagements and service departments of our Ashram. Apart from this service, some of us also serve as ministers in our temple, translators, editors, or painters in our book publication, and help to operate our Food distribution Program. We also share household duties, cooking, gardening, etc.
Every product that you buy is our humble offering to the Divine. We offer our time and energy invested in creating it and bringing it to you.
We also offer all the proceeds from our sales to the Divine by investing them in our mission's activities (spiritual book printing, temple activities, food distribution, and more).
"Karma-yoga leads us to liberation from karma and the wheel of samsara, since, in its highest stage, it guides us to the direct realization that in reality there does not exist, and never existed, a cause that produces an effect... that the apparent separation or division between cause and effect is only a mental creation.”    ~Prabhuji.