Prabhuji’s Gifts was inspired by the spiritual journey of Prabhuji, who is a writer and a mystic, living his life as a hermit.

As a child, Prabhuji loved to quietly watch his shamanic grandmother, with whom he had a deep connection, as she recited prayers, offered incense, and burned herbs. Though he did not understand why she was mixing oils with resins, boiling petals, lighting candles, etc,… the aromatic mixture of the fragrances penetrated his heart. Upon questioning her, she explained to him that her unusual activities were to help people with their various needs such as peace, love, friendship, health, and wealth.

Throughout the years, Prabhuji passionately explored the power that fragrances had to materialize intentions, inspire emotions, and improve one’s well-being, such as: the scent of love, the aura of health, the aroma of attraction, the smell of wealth, and much more. Later on, while visiting Hindu temples, Prabhuji encountered the captivating aromas of Eastern incense used in devotional rituals. These unique fragrances were more than simply pleasing to the senses; they created the proper environment for heart-lifting and spiritual experiences.  Captivated by the yogic path of devotion, bhakti yoga, he felt the deep divine impact that the magical scent of incense made in his soul. He then decided, “One day, I will spread ‘the smell of God’ all around the world”.

Out of a sincere desire, from within his heart to share, Prabhuji sold incense in his first yoga studio for the same price that he himself had paid, obviously making no profit. This act, which inspired the establishment of Prabhuji’s Gifts, was a manifestation of the loving bridge between Prabhuji’s shamanic roots and Eastern wisdom.

On September 2001, a manufacturer and wholesale supply company was born and incorporated in the United States. Over time, it has continued to grow in size, customers, and product variety, while maintaining the same spirit of dedication and service.  Today, its mystical aromas continue to fill the air with spiritual vibrations. The company is run by spiritual seekers who are passionate to share the spiritual benefits of incense, smudging herbs, and attar oils. Many different blends of natural resins, herbs, and oils have been selected to calm the mind, purify the heart, and elevate the soul.  The company boasts more than 60 different scents of incense sticks and resins, as well as hand-harvested sage, Vegan Certified perfume attar oils, meditation shawls made from renewable fiber and hand-printed by artisans in India, prayer beads, and many other spiritual gift items. New products are continuously being created and developed. 

Every blend of incense that’s offered has passed Prabhuji’s personal inspection, ensuring that it is beneficial both for meditation and spiritual elevation.

Prabhuji’s Gifts is passionate about socially conscious and environmentally friendly practices. It operates at the highest standards as a Gold Level - Green America Certified business, and gives generously to humanitarian projects. It helps employ marginalized women in rural villages in India, and supports traditional Native American and South American cultures. 

When you shop at Prabhuji’s Gifts, not only you receive empowering products and hours of aromatic pleasure, but you also help a community of spiritual seekers spread the spirit of religion in the world by integrating the magical power of fragrance, along with the beauty of spiritual wisdom, as a means to thanks the Divine and give back to society and the environment.