Gold-Level Green America Certified

Our rigorous environmental and social standards have earned Prabhuji’s Gifts the Gold Level, Green America Certification. U.S. based Green America certifies businesses that help to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society.

Certified Vegan—No Animal Testing


Our products are natural, non-toxic, not tested on animals, and contain no animal byproducts. We have started certifying our products with the U.S. based organization Vegan Action, which promotes a cruelty free lifestyle by providing numerous benefits to lives of animals, the environment, and to people’s health in general through the promotion of a healthy and natural diet.

Natural Ingredients

The ingredients of our aromatic products come from hand-harvested herbs and flowers. The numerous spices, essential oils, and natural resins used are also hand harvested and blended into our products in accordance with ancient traditions. Prabhuji’s Gifts has signed a pledge to follow the Natural Ingredient Resource Center’s criteria for labeling natural ingredients and products, and we are holding ourselves accountable.