Our Environmental Values


Our efforts to maintain natural products and support eco-friendly communities are part of our spiritual values. We see this as another expression of service, love, and respect to God and humanity. We strongly believe that as we create harmony with our environment, we simultaneously find peace and balance in ourselves. As Prabhuji once said, “When we cut down forests, contaminate water sources, and destroy the ozone layer, we are actually damaging ourselves by creating an imbalance in the cosmic body, of which we are an inseparable part. The fact cannot be ignored that one who alters the cosmic order will sooner or later be affected, because damage to nature is damage to ourselves.” Prabhuji  


Energy Efficiency


In our U.S. warehouse, production facility, and office, we support energy conservation by using energy-efficient electronics and maintaining a policy to conserve as much energy as possible. Our environmentally conscious staff constantly endeavors to find new ways to recycle packing materials and reduce energy consumption. 




We recycle our shipping material


We reduce our waste by recycling and reusing shipping material to prevent the overuse of earth’s precious resources. . We hope our wholesalers enjoy receiving shipments packed in used boxes that are in perfect condition, and with our sticker showing the certifications and explains our values.  

We invite customers to recycle and upcycle

We put a logo on our labels that reminds customers to reduce waste, reuse, and recycle our packaging materials. Being passionate about environmental consciousness and aspiring to raise awareness for the art of upcycling, we blog creative ways for our earth-friendly customers to upcycle our 100% recycled packaging.  



We minimize waste


Our manufacturing process uses minimal to no waste by being handmade in traditional methods which have been passed down through generations of holistic cultures like the Shamanic, Native American, and Vedic traditions. These cultures worship nature as a manifestation of God, or the Divine, and therefore, respect for nature is deeply rooted in their values, as well as ours.