The Gold of Palo Santo

The Gold of Palo Santo

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Amazonian Palo Santo PremiumPalo Santo, or “holy wood” as it translates from Spanish, comes from a tree grown in the South American rainforest that is known among shamans for its mysticism and healing properties. But there’s a little known secret that we want you know. There are some very particular parts of this tree that shamans seek above all others for their heightened ability to purify and heal, and for their irresistible aroma that comes from a much more intense concentration of essential oils. These special parts of the tree, known as the “gold of the palo santo,” are what shamans seek in the rainforest for their most important rituals.

Prabhuji’s Gifts offers these extremely rare sticks, a.k.a. the premium “Amazonian” sticks.

But more about that later. 
Palo Santo Reforestation 10For now, let’s take a step back so that you can get the whole picture. When we talk about palo santo, we’re not talking about just another type of wood. Palo santo is sought by shamans and forest keepers for its remarkable spiritual, purification and healing components. Shamans teach that palo santo has a spirit and that this spirit gives to those who use it, with respect of course. They say that the spirit is in the oil, so it’s no wonder that these pieces of wood that have a higher concentration of oil are so sought after.

Part of this respect has to do with the way the wood is obtained. If the tree is cut down, forget about it. A felled tree simply doesn’t undergo the metamorphosis that causes the necessary concentration of essential oils and other properties to develop. We can only enjoy the benefits of palo santo sticks if the tree falls on its own and spends years resting on the forest floor. Only then can it be harvested and find its way into your home.

As we said before, the metamorphosis takes place after the tree dies a natural death and spends years on the ground. Obviously, much of the tree makes contact with the forest floor. But there are some branches that never touch the ground and this is the cream of the crop. Secret revealed!

For years, these branches are bathed by the sunlight that peaks through the forest canopy and showered by raindrops, as it develops a higher concentration of essential oils. As the shamans say, they become filled with even more of the tree’s spirit that is most commonly released by burning the sticks like incense, filling your space with an aroma that is mystically irresistible. On the energetic level, palo santo smoke is widely known to clear away negative energy while attracting the positive, a rare ability. Palo Santo Premium and Traditional

Palo santo branches that never touch the earth have the power to elevate the soul, as it is always inspiring to stay above the earthly plane.

At Prabhuji’s Gifts, we call this premium wood “Amazonian.” Everything that they offer – aroma, purification, positive energy, energetic healing, medicinal healing – is even stronger than the wood that comes from other parts of the tree (which, for the record, is pretty amazing in its own right).

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