Soft As Stone

Soft As Stone

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Soapstone rocks Soapstone is no ordinary rock. Like its name suggests, it is sometimes soft as soap—well, relatively speaking, that is, if we compare it to other rock—ideal for carving into decorative pieces for your home. Actually, people have been carving unique, symbolic and colorful creations with this medium for thousands of years.

Soapstone is softer than most other rock because of its high mineral content of talc. The more talc it has in it, the softer its grade. Soapstone with high talc content can even possess a soapy feel when touched. Historically, it was a part of the daily lives of many indigenous people of North America who carved it into sinks and cooking slabs, while the Vikings used to carve it into cooking pots. It can absorb heat, store it and radiate it out evenly. While it still has modern day practical uses, such as kitchen countertops and sinks, it is more typically used for artistic purposes to make statues, and other sculptures and various types of carvings such as naturally fireproof resin aromatic burners and lamps.

At Prabhuji’s Gifts, we love the way the light from the window enters the center of our soapstone bowls when placed on the sill, designed to burn smudging herbs and resin incense, highlighting the pattern of their individual carvings. Being easy to carve, soapstone oil diffusers are designed into a multitude of shapes and patterns. They provide hours of enjoyment as the warm light of the candle can be seen flickering through the various carved patterns, creating unique forms of light on your walls while your favorite aroma is released. That’s not all. Our soapstone elephant carvings are more than initially meets the eye. Look close, through the elegantly carved pattern, and you will see a baby inside.


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