5 Steps to Creating a Spiritual sanctuary at Home

5 Steps to Creating a Spiritual sanctuary at Home

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Cozy tableWe all need a sacred place where we can simply allow ourselves to reconnect with what we find sacred and meaningful. A place where we feel safe and protected in the presence of positive, healing energies and vibrations. Not made of purely physical matter, we also vibrate with subtle energy that can become clouded and heavy due to emotional pressures and physical hardships. Thankfully, creating a spiritual sanctuary at home is simple to do, and the benefits can be felt immediately.

1. Location, Location, Location

Your sanctuary can be an entire room, or a just a cozy corner that is ready to be transformed with items meaningful to you and to your spiritual practice. The positive vibrations generated in your space will continue to develop and grow stronger over time, so make it as personal and comfortable as possible. If we follow the principles of Vastu Shastra, a Vedic science along with yoga, Ayurveda, and meditation, we can create balance between the body, mind, and environment. Vastu teaches us that everything at its most subtle level is energy and is interconnected through the five elements: earth, air, water, fire, and space. Balancing these elements within our sacred space will help to center you as you explore and deepen your spiritual practice. When deciding where you want your sanctuary to be, think about the direction of windows and the natural lighting that will be present during the times you’ll be there. Consider, too, your privacy needs. Determine what items are important to you and how much room you’ll require for them.


2. Vastu Shastra and Optional Sacred Space Items
white bhuddaBecause Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science that promotes harmony and prosperity, following its guidelines will help to eliminate negativity and encourage positive energy to flow through our space. A directional science, you’ll want to incorporate the directions northeast, southeast, southwest, and northwest into your surroundings via the placement of certain items to symbolically celebrate each element in their correct Vastu direction. This way you can transform any location into a truly sacred space. Take your time and thoughtfully collect the items that you need in order to create your ideal sanctuary.

You may want to add herbs and other plants to cleanse the air in the southwest sector while showing support for the earth element. Supporting the earth element will, in turn, support you with increased stability and security. The northeast-facing section should hold a water-supporting feature, such as a fountain, fish bowl or tank, or natural vessel filled with healing water. When the water element is properly supported, you’ll feel more creative and able to rise to life’s challenges. A Himalayan salt lamp placed in the southeast quadrant supports the fire element, and will bring about feelings of motivation and energy. Meditative music or wind chimes in the northwest direction purify the space with sound energy - much like temple bells.



Adding some candles or colorful lanterns will provide ambient lighting and help with concentration during meditation. You should also include items such as a prayer shawl, and comfortable meditation cushions. You’ll probably also need a convenient shelf or small table to hold your mala (prayer beads), spiritual books, and other accessories such as statues and incense holders, as well as a framed photo of your guru or someone else who inspires you.

3. Incense

    Scent is another element that can transform an ordinary space into something sacred. According to Vastu Shastra, it should be placed in the northwest sector. For centuries, many cultures have practiced burning incense or herbs in blessing or cleansing rituals. Think of incense drifting through a church service, or a medicine man’s practice of burning botanicals in a bowl to produce sacred smoke...

    Palo Santo Wood

    Palo Santo is one such wood that has been used since ancient times as a spiritual remedy to purify and cleanse with its fragrant smoke. “Palo Santo” means “holy wood” and the name was bestowed when Spanish monks explored the Amazon and, after experiencing its mystical qualities, realized its hidden properties. Renowned by the Incas since ancient times for its healing powers, enjoyment of the benefits continues to this day, as the smoke penetrates the energy fields of those it reaches and clears negative thoughts and neutralizes misfortune.

    Palo Santo

    A highly prized and respected wood, the Bursera Graveolens trees, from which the Palo Santo sticks are derived, are never cut down. The wood is responsibly and sustainably harvested in Ecuador only years after a tree has fallen due to natural causes. Prabhuji’s Gifts donates a portion of the profits towards financing the Palo Santo Reforestation Project organized by the Forestry and Environmental Corporation of Manabi (CORFAM) which is fully acknowledged and supported by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). The uniquely beautiful fragrance and aromatic oils are naturally enhanced over the years as the trees rest on the ground of the Amazon Rainforest. When burned, this sacred wood releases its treasured oils to cleanse the space and people that it comes into contact with, while attracting good energy and bringing about positive changes on many planes, from the physical to the more subtle realms. Meditating in the midst of the burning wood promotes deeper concentration, and centuries-old Shamanic wisdom teaches that an attraction to the woody, floral aroma of the burning Palo Santo signals emotional and spiritual purity.
    palo santo conesTo fully enjoy and receive the spiritual benefits offered by Palo Santo, you simply hold the stick by one end and light the other end with a match. Let it burn for a moment, and then gently blow out the flame. Place the wood in a fireproof bowl and allow it to smolder and release its mystical fragrance and healing effects into your atmosphere.

    Palo Santo and Wild Herb Incense Cones (Relaxation & Meditation)

    Palo Santo and Wild Herb Incense Cones are another means of obtaining the same benefits as the pure Palo Santo wood, such as purification and cleansing on spiritual levels, they offer the added beneficial properties of wild lavender and rosemary. Lavender is a highly prized herb because it has proven quite useful in restoring equilibrium in those feeling off-center, and it creates a peaceful atmosphere while attracting loving energies. Rosemary’s scent has been proven to increase memory, and it therefore improves clarity and lends an overall sense of renewed vigor and inspiration. These certified vegan, 100% natural cones are uniquely crafted in that they are not held together by any synthetic or isolated oils. The herbs are blended by hand and then the cones are hand-formed in the rural Colombian Andes which provides employment to marginalized artisans.

    Light the tip of a cone to enhance relaxation and meditation, and to help with grounding your energy and centering your spirit. Gently blow out the flame and let the smoke fill your space from a fireproof dish. Long-burning and sweet-smelling, they will serve your practice well.

    Shanti Peaceful Home Resin

    Resins are also used to refresh the spirit and transform the energies in our sacred space. Shanti Peaceful Home Resin is Certified Vegan, and made in accordance to ancient shamanic wisdom. “Shanti” is Sanskrit, the ancient language of
    India, and means “peace.”

    Also blended into this classical incense is frankincense and myrrh. These are natural aromatic resins in use since ancient times as perfume, medicine, and spiritually uplifting incense. Frankincense is derived from trees of the genus Boswellia, and is obtained by “striping” the trees with cuts to the trunk which allows the resin to seep out. This resin also seals the tree and prevents infection. The excess resin is scraped off to be used. Myrrh is the sticky sap of the Commiphora tree after it has naturally leaked and hardened in to tear-shaped drops on the trunk. This myrrh is then scraped off to be used.

    The resin is beautiful to look at, with its formulation of Frankincense, Myrrh, Copal, Bay Leaves, Sandalwood, Lavender, Sugar, Rosemary, Orange Peel, Cinnamon, Rose Petals, Earth Pigments, Amber, and Scented oil. There is a sparkle to it and the glitter hints at the magic that is to come. To use it is a ritual unto itself, as you must have
    charcoal tablets specially made for this purpose and conveniently available from Prabhuji’s Gifts.

    Lighting the charcoal will produce small sparks. Placing it in a fireproof dish, you allow it to spark and burn for a minute or two, and then place a ½ teaspoon of the fragrant resin on top. Peace is exactly the sensation that you’ll experience as you watch the gently spiraling smoke rise towards the heavens… Thoughtfully and carefully blended and infused with prayers and special mantras, Shanti provides an authentic aroma so powerful that only 1/2 teaspoon of the resin on a small piece of charcoal fills a room with its mood transforming scent of sweet floral with earthy undertones and a hint of invigorating cinnamon, bringing with it calming peace and harmony.

      4. Preparation of the Sacred Space

        Now that all of the items have been gathered, it’s time to clean the space in preparation for its transformation. As you go about your task, chant a mantra or repeat a positive affirmation and turn this time into a bhakti yoga session as you focus positive intention and vibration into your space and everything around you. Once your area is clean and fresh, you can begin to place your treasured objects in their proper places. Light some incense and begin infusing your sanctuary with its healing energies and mystical fragrance.

        5. Enjoying your Sacred Sanctuary

        Go to your sanctuary whenever you feel scattered and in need of spiritual healing. It is also beneficial to set a regular time to meditate, as research has proven that it provides many mental and physical health benefits. First thing in the morning, or later in the day, as the sun goes down, are typical times for meditation. Remember, the more time you spend immersed in your sacred space, the stronger the positive vibrations and healing energies will become.


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