Testimonial by Quest Bookshop, NYC

Prabhuji’s Gifts products are extremely good for meditation purposes, for helping you to relax, helping you to find a little bit of time in your busy schedule to just be with yourself. So this is the Prabhuji’s Gifts Stick Incense that is very good for meditation. There are lots of different scents, and this is the chakra stick incense, which is very popular. There is different incense for each of the different chakras, which is also available from Prabhuji’s in the resin incense. And one of the most popular that we have in the resin incense is the Ramakrishnananda Blend. People like that very much. This one smells very, very good when it’s burnt. The incenses are so pure, so wonderful, people just love them. People consider themselves to be connoisseurs of incense and some of them that come from India are just a little bit too strong. They really like the quality of this incense. They feel it's very natural, very pure, without overpowering. The attar oils are one of our bestsellers. I use it myself and I get nothing but compliments when I'm around people who don't know me. They want to know what I'm wearing. People that come and buy the oils tell me there's nothing else like it, they've never found anything else like it anywhere else outside of Prabhuji’s Gifts. They've tried other oils that people sell and they come back for the Prabhuji’s product. So, obviously, you have a very good formula for purity and naturalness that is recognized by customers. The level of honesty, compassion; the character of the salespeople who come by or who I speak to on the phone from Prabhuji’s Gifts just resonates totally with what we are here. We are all looking for the union with the One, the Absolute; we're all trying for levels of compassion. And it's just… it's like a brotherhood and sisterhood. It just feels like it's a very comfortable fit with Prabhuji’s Gifts products here, with their representatives, the human aspect of it, and with our customers. It’s just a very good fit. I just hope that Prabhuji’s continues on for many, many, many years because I would hate to not be able to sell it. I love having the products, Prabhuji’s products, in the store and I hope that they continue on for a very long time. Marilyn Trotman Manager of Quest Bookshop in NYC, USA President of the NY Theosophical Society

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