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Aum Namaste Bookshop is located in the heart of New York's East Village. In this calming oasis, many people leading hectic lives in the city find a quiet corner where they are rejuvenated with inspiring energy. After discovering the healing power of meditation and studying with different masters, Rakesh Samani decided to dedicate his life to serving humanity and helping others come in contact with spiritual knowledge. With this purpose, he envisioned the store as a community of like-minded people who search for healing and wisdom. [caption id="attachment_1352" align="alignright" width="400"]Aum Namaste Bookshop, NY. Aum Namaste Bookshop, NY.[/caption] Among an extensive collection of books, crystals, metaphysical jewelry, and religious tools, we find Prabhuji’s Gifts products that enhance the store with various aromatic items for inspiration, healing, and purification. Rakesh tells us why he chose Prabhuji’s Gifts and of his customers’ experiences. Rakesh Samani: Om Namaste. Here we have a full display of Prabhuji’s Gifts. I think it’s definitely, definitely a must-have in spiritual places or any shops or in spas or in yoga studios. This is a perfect way to present Prabhuji’s Gifts lines and these are all chakra lines here, starting from root to crown. And these are other blends and fragrances of incense, right here which is great, and of course my favorite incense here: Ganga, Shyam, and Shringara. And the attar perfume oils, which are calming and grounding, and resin incense and their sage. I’m going to show a demo because I get a lot of questions when people come to use Prabhuji’s Gifts, saying “how do I use sage” or “how do I apply resin incense”? “How do I clear the negative energy” or “how do I clear the space or smudge, how do I use that”? So I’m going to show how to use this modality to use the space clearing of Prabhuji’s Gifts. There are a lot of products that are out in the market that talk about money drawing and prosperity but these three incense (blends) really bring prosperity. Every time I burn this it attracts a lot of people, a lot of customers. They’re just coming, they love the scent, they smell the aroma and it helps them. These three incenses are not just for calming but also for attracting abundance and prosperity into your business. This is my favorite incense, not only because they attract prosperity, but also attract calming and healing in my shop, so I love it. People are just coming in to smell it, their mood changes. Every time they walk in, they say, “What are we smelling? It smells so good.” It’s very, very calming. It’s an amazing, amazing scent. That’s why this is my favorite incense. I especially use Padma (Attar) Oil when I do my chakra meditation. I start on my root chakra up, and I do sacral, to solar plexus, to heart, to throat, to my third eye and my crown. I take a couple drops, inhale and I put it with my intention. It lasts me for a full day so, from home to work, throughout the day, pretty much, that smell, that’s how long the good premium quality oil (lasts), and I think there’s a very beautiful energy in this and that’s why I love these oils very much.Aum Namaste Bookshop- Rakesh Samani- Prabhuji's Gifts These are sattvic. Sattvic is something that’s really good quality, it’s something that brings you healing and helps you to calm and move forward. These are really highly recommended. These are sattvic oils. Attar oils, which are perfume oils and they’re great for meditation, for your yoga practice, for any modality, use the great oils to apply on or for massages or just to wear every day. They’re great oils. Holy Ganga Water is one of the potent healing or clearing modalities that you can use for your space. Some offices do not allow you to burn sage because it’s a fire hazard. This is the best way to clear up your space, spraying Ganga Water. You can also spray your aura. The Ganga is a holy river in India, purifies your aura, purifies your energy. You can just spray around your aura or spray around your workspace, and it’s a great way to start your day with Ganga Water. When I do space clearing, I use Prabhuji’s Gifts products. I take sage with me. I take resin incense, charcoal. I especially spray with the Ganga Water because I know Ganga Water is very healing for me and I also know it’s very, very pure from the Hindu culture and it removes a lot of toxicity and also negativity from the space. So I use that when I use space clearing. And every day when I come in in the morning, I burn sage and especially I start my day with my Matsya Incense, which is my favorite incense. I open the store, I do some mantras and I burn sage and I burn incense. Then later on, after a couple hours I do a whole ritual with the resin incense to remove negative energy and bring in the fresh energy. I especially do it for the community so they can feel the constant flow of good energy in the shop when they come in, not just for the experience that they come in to buy a product. [caption id="attachment_1355" align="alignright" width="400"]Rakesh Samani of Aum Namaste Bookshop burning Prabhuji's Gifts white sage Rakesh Samani of Aum Namaste Bookshop burning Prabhuji's Gifts white sage[/caption] I know Prabhuji’s Gifts and I know the team who’s worked for Prabhuji’s Gifts for a lot of years. I love to see them every time they come in with a beautiful smile and they are very helpful. Every time we place an order, they’re right on time and they call me back and say, “Do you guys need anything?” They’re very humble people and they’re also devotees of Swamiji and they do such a good service to the community. I really look forward to when they come to see me to deliver my order. They have such a beautiful aura and personality, and I think they’re really great people. For me, Prabhuji’s Gifts is very important to carry in my store because it has such a sattvic vibe; the mission they have and the purpose they have, which resonates with what I want to do. They also help the community. They also raise awareness in the community and I think these are great products to bring the energy into your daily life. I think Prabhuji’s Gifts is a must-have if you open a spiritual shop anywhere in this world, to carry these products. Visit Aum Namaste Bookshop online.


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