108 Names of Sri Krishna:

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Achala    Still Lord

Achyuta    Infallible Lord

Adbhutah    Wonderful God

Adidev    The Lord Of The Lords

Aditya    The Son Of Aditi

Ajanma    One Who Is Limitless And Endless

Ajaya    The Conqueror Of Life And Death

Akshara    Indestructible Lord

Amrita    Heavenly nectar (A (no) + Mrit (Death))

Anandsagar    Compassionate Lord

Ananta    The Endless Lord

Anantajit    Ever Victorious Lord

Anaya    One Who Has No Leader

Aniruddha    One Who Cannot Be Obstructed

Aparajeet    The Lord Who Cannot Be Defeated

Avyukta    One Who Is As Clear As Crystal

Balagopala    The Child Krishna, The All Attractive

Bala krishna    The Child Krishna

Chaturbhuja    Four-Armed Lord

Danavendra    Granter Of Boons

Dayalu    The Compassionate Lod

Dayanidhi    The Treasure of Compassion

Devadideva    The God Of The Gods

Devaki-nandana    Son Of Devaki

Devesha    Lord Of The Lords

Dharmadhyaksha    The Lord OF Dharma

Dravina    The one who has no Enemies

Dvarkapati    Lord Of Dwarka

Gopala    One Who Plays With The Cowherds

Gopalpriya    Lover Of Cowherds    Govinda    One Who Pleases The Cows, The Land And The Entire Nature

Gyaneshwara    The Lord Of Knowledge

Hari    The Lord Of Nature

Hiranyagarbha- literally the 'golden womb' or 'golden egg'. The source of the creation of the Universe or the manifested cosmos

Hrishikesha    The Lord Of All Senses

Jagadguru    Preceptor Of The Universe

Jagadisha    The lords Of the Entire World

Jagannatha Lord Of The Universe

Janardana    One Who Bestows Boons On One And All

Jayantah    Conqueror Of All Enemies

Jyotiraaditya    The Resplendence Of The Sun

Kamalanatha    The Lord Of Goddess Lakshmi (Kamala)

Kamalanayana    The Lord With Lotus Shaped Eyes

Kamsantaka    Slayer Of Kamsa

Kanjalochana    The Lotus-Eyed God

Keshava    One Who Has Long, Black Matted Locks

Krishna    the All Attractive One

Kunja Bihari        The lord who roams

Lakshmikaanta    The Lord Of Goddess Lakshmi

Lokadhyaksha    Lord Of All The Three Lokas (Worlds)

Madana    The Lord Of Love    Madhava    The lord form the yadavas

Madhusudana    Slayer Of Demon Madhu

Mahendra    Lord Of Indra

Manamohana    Winner of the heart & mind

Manohara    Stealer of the heart & mind

Mayura    The Lord Who Has A Peacock Feathered-Crest

Mohana    All Attractive God

Murali    The Flute Playing Lord

Muralidhar    One Who Carries a Flute

Muralimanohara    The one who stills the mind with the melodies of his flute

Nandakumara    Son of Nanda

Nanda-gopala    The loved cowherd

Narayana    The Refuge Of Humanity

Navanitachora    Thief of Butter

Niranjana    The Unblemished Lord

Nirguna    Without Any Material Properties

Padmahasta    One Whose Hands Are Like Lotus

Padmanabha    The Lord Who Has A lotus in his navel

Parabrahmana    The Supreme Absolute Truth

Paramatma    Lord Of All Beings

Parampurusha    Supreme Personality

Parthasarthi    Charioteer Of Partha (Arjuna)

Prajapati    Lord Of All Creatures

Punyah    Supremely Pure

Purshottama    The Supreme Soul

Ravilochana    One Whose Eye Is The Sun

Sahasraakasah    Thousand-Eyed Lord

Sahasrajita    One Who Vanquishes Thousands

Sakshi    All Witnessing Lord

Sanatana    The Eternal Lord

Sarvajana    Omniscient Lord

Sarvapalaka    Protector Of All

Sarveshwara    Lord Of All Gods

Satyavachana    One Who Speaks Only The Truth

Satyavrata    The Truth Dedicated Lord

Shantah    Peaceful Lord

Shreshhtha    The Most Glorious Lord

Shrikanta    Beautiful Lord

Shyam    Dark-Complexioned Lord

Shyamasundara    Lord Of The Beautiful Evenings

Sumedha    Intelligent Lord

Suresham    Lord Of All Demi-Gods

Svargapati    Lord Of Heavens

Trivikrama    Conqueror Of All The Three Worlds

Upendra    Brother Of Indra

Vaikunthanatha    Lord Of Vaikuntha, The Heavenly Abode

Vardhamaanah    The Formless Lord

Vasudeva    All Prevailing Lord

Vishnu    All Prevailing Lord

Vishwadakshinah    Skillful And Efficient Lord

Vishwakarma    Creator Of The Universe

Vishwamurti    The one whose form is the entire universe

Vishwarupa    One Who Displays The Universal Form

Vishwatma    Soul Of The Universe

Vrishaparvaa    Lord Of Dharma

Yadavendra    King Of The Yadav Clan

Yogi    The Supreme Master

Yoginampati    Lord Of The Yogis


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