Recycling packaging material… in action!

in Prabhuji's Gifts Blog
Do you remember we announced that we were going to start using recycled packing material a few months ago? Well, it is now a regular part of our day and this is how it looks:


Prabhuji's Gifts dedicated stuff members are collecting those boxes, which have been used once and are as good as new, from grocery stores and other local shops. They choose only those boxes that are absolutely clean and still in excellent condition, bring them to our warehouse, where other dedicated stuff double-check the quality of the boxes, and then fill them with fragrantly beautiful goods for you… When the box is ready, they place our company sticker on it so you will know it’s from us…. and then we send the shipment with the knowledge that we have contributed to the reduction of the ecological imbalance of our beloved earth. Let us know if it makes you happy to receive those boxes from us!


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