Shanti and Ananda for War Veterans

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This U.S. Memorial Day, we want to bless each soldier who sacrificed their own comfort for the sake of defending the security of others.  Our wishes for them are:  peace and bliss. With this in mind, we are offering a discount on our Shanti (Peace) and Ananda (bliss) Resin Incense, and we will donate 100% of the profit from these sales to the Ramakrishnananda Fund for Project Relaxation for War Veterans, through May 31, 2013.

In this way, we are spreading bliss and peace in two ways. People who burn Shanti and Ananda Resin Incense clear negativity from their environment, and spread peace on the subtle level. When they light this special incense, which has been infused with sacred mantras, they will know that the money with which they paid for these products will be invested, in turn, in helping war veterans to regain peace and internal bliss after difficult, stressful and often traumatic service.

What is the Ramakrishnananda Project Relaxation for War Veterans?

The Ramakrishnananda Project Relaxation for War Veterans was founded by Prabhuji with the aim of providing war veterans with the opportunity to relax, learn yoga and practice meditation in a peaceful and serene environment. Any war veteran who applies for the program will be eligible for a one-week stay in the Vimukti Yoga Ashram, with boarding, lodging and classes free of cost. After the first free week, veterans that who are interested in staying for longer periods will be eligible for significant discounts. The ashram, located in New York State’s peaceful Catskill Mountains, is expected to start operating in October 2013, pending construction delays, and the registration for the Veterans Program will start soon. Please spread the word if you know any war veterans who may be interested. To read more about the program and find out more ways to support it, enter here. If you are a war veteran and want to participate in this program, or would like to refer one, click here for registration form and details

Please stay tuned to this page as we will update the funds raised here. Amount raised: 150$    Buy Shanti and Ananda Resin Incense and Support the project!



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