We offset our carbon footprint

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We are serious about reducing greenhouse gas emissions and shrinking our carbon footprint!

Every package that you order from us helps to fund a green project.  We’ve reduced the waste that we create, and increased the amount that we recycle and reuse, and now we have found a way to off-set the emissions generated by shipping packages to our customers through GreenShipping. At no additional cost to our customers, we now counterbalance emissions from shipments within the U.S. by purchasing carbon off-sets from Bonneville Environmental Foundation, which in turn funds environmental education to expand the use of renewable energy.

Prabhuji’s Gifts is pleased to help protect the environment with GreenShipping to make our shipments carbon neutral. Green Shipping’s service allows us to transport our products in a carbon neutral manner by providing an accurate method to measure and offset the carbon footprint of our UPS and U.S. Postal System shipments. Green

GreenShipping uses a carbon shipment calculator to determine the carbon dioxide emissions generated by each shipment, enabling us to compensate for the emissions. After the package has reached its destination, we purchase carbon offsets to neutralize the shipment’s effect on climate change. The Bonneville Environmental Foundation carbon offsets that Prabhuji’s Gifts purchases through GreenShipping fund the construction of new renewable energy projects in North America that are displacing fossil fuels.


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