Frankincence, the ancient wonder

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For anyone who has ever read the Bible, specifically the Old Testament, we cannot stop ourselves from closing our eyes when hearing the name "Frankincense" and imagining the people of Israel in the desert as they watched the high priest in white clothes, burning frankincense and myrrh. For others, the name of the sacred resin may create an image of King Salomon in his temple. Since ancient times, Frankincense has been widely used for spiritual practices and worship in various religions and cultures, as well as for perfume and medicine.

It’s natural to want to know more about this special resin.

Frankincense resin is derived from a tree called boswellia sacra. Its bark is cut into, the sap pours out and then hardens.

The different varieties of the boswellia sacra tree each produce slightly different fragrances. The fragrance may be influenced also by the soil and other conditions in which the tree grows.

An interesting fact about this tree is its ability to grow in extremely hard conditions, to the extreme of growing on the hard surface of rocks!

Even more interesting, is that the more difficult the conditions in which the tree grows are, the more fragrant and aromatic its gummy extract is.


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