100% of our profit goes to support the following projects: 

Prabhuji Food Distribution

The Prabhuji Food Distribution Program is regularly rescuing food and delivering it to those who need it. Currently we serve about 70 households on a weekly basis. Each household receives a minimum of one box (or more, depends on the number of its members) full of fresh fruits and vegetables, diary products and other food items.

Since Covid19 broke in, we are serving in a drive-through format, where people receive the food boxes to their car.

We serve anyone who comes without any discrimination or prerequisites.

The food distribution program is operating every Thursday at 4:00 pm at the Ramakrishnananda Ashram Yard.

Prabhuji Toy Distribution

The Prabhuji Toy Distribution Program is a huge Project where every Christmas we distribute toys to children whose families cannot afford buying gifts.

We distribute mainly to the children of Greene County and the area but no application was ever rejected!

Prabhuji's Book Publication

Prabhuji’s vast literary contribution includes books in Spanish and English, including Tantra: Liberation in the World, Kundalini Yoga: The Power is in you, What is, as it is, Bhakti-Yoga: The Path of Love, Experimenting with the Truth, Advaita Vedanta: Be the Self, and Spiritual Stories, in addition to commentaries on various scriptures. He also wrote a few books in Hebrew such as Yoga- Experiencing your Presence, The Classical Hatha Yoga, and a commentary on the Yoga Sūtra of Patañjali.
We are editing, translating, and publishing the books of Prabhuji as well as distributing them.
We are currently working on preparing a few new books for publishing

Prabhuji's Channel

The Prabhuji YouTube channel is the home for video lectures and talks given by Prabhuji along the years. Prabhuji shares his vision and teachings with a small group of his close disciples, that live with him in the Avadhutashram. Some of those talks and lectures are filmed and posted in the channel. Prabhuji speaks about a wide range of spiritual topics and paths, shedding light on them with his unique vision and realization, which he named: The "Retroprogressive Yoga".