Socially Conscious


 Socially Conscious

Guided by spiritual principles, it is vitally important to us that the manufacturing process is in harmony with the society and environment in which they are produced. Therefore, we maintain rigorous standards.

We partner with rural artisan groups in India and the U.S.A. who make their living from traditional crops and crafts. These rural locations provide much needed employment while supporting traditional cultures. For example, our hand-rolled incense manufacturing outlets in India employ illiterate village women, who have sparse employment opportunities in the area, providing them with a protective and supportive working environment.

We ensure there is no child labor involved in the process, and that the rights and welfare of the workers are taken care of at the workplace.

Our sage and other smudging herbs are hand-harvested in U.S.A. in the traditional Native American method, helping to preserve that culture and provide employment.  


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