Our Premises


 Our Premises

This is our warehouse, or perhaps it’s better to say, our second home. It is located in the quaint town of Saugerties, in Upstate NY, USA. It seems like just yesterday when we were storing incense in our attic. Now when we look at the warehouse, we cannot believe how the business grew so much and so fast.

We believe that a product is not only made of the matter it contains, but the energy of the people who made it. The intention and devotion put into the manufacturing processes are intangible yet part, if not perhaps
the main aspect, of the products.

Words containing spiritual wisdom, such as a recorded lecture of Prabhuji, narrations of the sacred scriptures or devotional music are always playing in the background at the warehouse. In this spirit, we package your orders. We hope some of these spiritual vibrations are captured in the boxes and reach you.


Our Manufacturing Process

At Prabhuji’s Gifts, we believe that our spirit of service and sincere will to share are infused in our products. Furthermore, the products are made amid the energetic vibrations of mantra chanting and spiritual music.


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