The Fragrant History of Prabhuji’s Gifts

The world of fragrances and their powerful effects was immediately apparent to Prabhuji, H.H. Avadhuta Sri Ramakrishnananda Babaji Maharaja, when they first captivated him as a child in the home of his shamanic grandmother. Now, these mystical aromas waft throughout Prabhuji’s Gifts, a unique New York company filled with spiritual vibrations. The yogis who run the company infuse sacred mantras into colorful blends of incense that have been selected to calm the mind, purify the heart and elevate the soul. The history of Prabhuji’s Gifts is so unique that those who purchase its fragrant and meditative products enjoy learning about the people who manufacture them. No ordinary business, Prabhuji’s Gifts was founded by Prabhuji. As a child, Prabhuji loved to quietly watch his grandmother, to whom he had a deep connection, as she recited prayers, offered incense and burned herbs. Though he didn’t understand why she was mixing oils with resins, boiling petals and lighting candles, the aromatic mixture of the fragrances penetrated his heart. Upon questioning, he learnt that her unusual occupation was to help people with their various needs such as peace, love, friendship, health and wealth.

Throughout the years, the impact of these special aromas that translate emotions into scents and perfumes into meaning, grew stronger in Prabhuji. From time to time, he has come across the same fragrances that lingered in his grandmother’s house – the scent of love, the aroma of attraction, the aura of health and the smell of wealth. Years later as a teenager, Prabhuji became captivated by the yogic path of devotion, or bhakti yoga, through this same fragrant sensation that he later termed “the smell of God”.  Visiting Hindu temples and meeting with great personalities as he sought the Truth created a deep spiritual impact in his soul that could not be separated from the magical scent of incense. These unique fragrances from the East were more than simply pleasing to the senses but also provided a direct link to a heart-lifting and divine experience. Out of a sincere desire in his heart to serve and share with others, Prabhuji sold incense in his first yoga studio at the same price he himself had bought it, having no business. It wasn’t until September 2001 that Prabhuji’s Gifts was born as an integral part of his life and soul, enabling him to share his passion for incense with others. Now a manufacturer and wholesale supply company based in New York City, it is the manifestation of a loving bridge between shamanic sources and Eastern wisdom. Every blend of incense offered by the company passes Prabhuji’s personal test, ensuring it is beneficial for meditation and spiritual elevation. The company now sells more than 40 different scents of incense sticks and resins, as well as several smudging herb blends, attar oils, meditation shawls, prayer beads and many other spiritual gift items, with new products continuously being developed and created.

Prabhuji’s Gifts is passionate about environmental and socially-conscious practices. It operates at the highest standards as a gold-level Green America Certified business, neutralizes its carbon footprint through Green Shipping and supports artisans in the cottage industry. In the midst of all these years of growth at Prabhuji’s Gifts, Prabhuji established the Vimukti Yoga Mission, a community of spiritual seekers in New York that provides the opportunity for daily karma yoga, self-inquiry and regular satsangs as his disciples strive to attain to the state of enlightenment. Several disciples live with Prabhuji at the Vimukti Yoga Ashram in New York State’s tranquil Catskill Mountains, where spiritual retreats are offered to visitors. Prabhuji’s Gifts contributes much of its revenue to the Vimukti Yoga Mission, which operates the Ramakrishnananda Food Rescue Program that feeds hungry people living in poverty in the U.S. and around the world. When you shop at Prabhuji’s Gifts, you get more than spiritual products and hours of aromatic pleasure. You also help a community of yogis spread the message of a higher consciousness, peace, unconditional love and tolerance through the ancient wisdom of Hinduism.

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