Shabda Brahman

“Shabda Brahman is the sound that is generated when the one becomes many, which is expressed along with the unfolding of the creative energy, or Shakti, into a diversity of names and forms. It is the sound of the Self that travels from the ultra-subtle, passing through the subtle to the most gross.” ~ excerpt from Yoga Union with Reality by Prabhuji, H.H. Avadhuta Sri Ramakrishnananda Babaji Maharaja, a Shabda Brahman is the transcendental sound of the Vedas, sacred Hindu scriptures that include the Upanishads, deeply philosophical works that reveal the Truth of existence. It was the sages of ancient times who realized Brahman, or “transcendental consciousness,” in the form of sound. Acknowledging that it is a difficult concept to understand, they explained that this transcendental sound, which has no limits and is immeasurable, manifests not only within the vital air known as prana, but also through our senses and even our mind. a Shabda is sound in its transcendental state and in itself, is the Ultimate Reality, said Prabhuji. The Vedic sages have explained that the universe stems from sound and is in a state of pulsation, with nature constantly expressing itself through vibrations, the spontaneous creative waves of the universe that are produced by the reflection of Brahman upon himself. Words are mere symbols in the manifested world. The word and the thing they refer to are different – for example the sound vibrations of the word ‘water’ cannot quench your thirst. On the contrary, on the absolute plane,  no such difference exists.  

Listen to the sound of the Vimukti Yoga Mission, an organization of spiritually seeking yogis founded by Prabhuji, on a CD of holy mantras titled Shabda Brahman. The devotional songs—including the ancient and powerful mantras of Om and Jaya Bhagavan, as well as those for Krishna, Shiva, Ganesha, and the Divine Mother—were performed by Prabhuji, a babaji living a life of seclusion, reflection and prayer in New York State’s Catskill Mountains where he has dedicated his life to the service of God and humanity. This album is recommended to anyone interested in mantra meditation, yoga and kirtan.

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