Candles, Soaps and the Benefits to Sleep

Sleeping can be a big problem to people, especially today with the Covid-19 causing people to lose jobs. Some look for medicinal solution, others just “live with the problem”, but, surprisingly there is also a third route. It is called aromatherapy.

What Causes Insomnia?

There are a few reasons for lack of sleep. According to the, "stress has long been known to be linked with sleep problems."
But there are other issues that can cause those problems.
The Mayo Clinic gives several other reasons, like travel and work schedule, poor sleeping habits, and eating too much late in the evening.

The Connection between Smell and Emotion
While many people don't know or think there is a connection between smell and emotion, there has been research done that shows that "there is some evidence that certain smells may have an effect on your sleep." (
There are different scents that can help different conditions. For example, Vetiver "has anti-anxiety abilities similar to the drug diazepam." (

Candles for Better Sleep
If you suffer from lack of sleep because of anxiety or stress, Lavender is helpful to calm your body by "impacting the limbic system" ( So using Prabhuji's Gifts Lavender Blossom candles can help calm you down at night and help sleep better.
Another scent that can help is Rose. According to, Rose has "sedative effects so should really help you feel nice and dozy before bed." That means that candles like Prabhuji's Gifts' Wild Rose can help you manage your sleep better.
Sandalwood could help as well. Even though it has a sweet scent, according to, Sandalwood "helps you stay in pre-REM sleep for longer than you would in your usual cycle." This helps you sleep longer so you get the benefits of a good night sleep.

Soaps for Better Sleep
As we mentioned before, Lavender is helpful for sleep because of its impact on the limbic system. With that said, Prabhuji's Gifts has Lavender soaps that you can use before going to sleep and that might help with your sleep.
Another soap that Prabhuji's Gifts has that can help with lack of sleep is the Vetiver soap. Vetiver is helpful in relieving "the body of aches and pains while easing mental and physical exhaustion as well as lack of sleep" (

Tulsi also is an option. Tulsi scents, like the one you get in Prabhuji's Gifts Tulsi soap, has "properties to help your mind cope with many types of stress" (

Other Solutions for Insomnia
Even though the sense of smell is helpful for fighting lack of sleep, there are other options you can do in order to fight it.
Eliminating caffeine can help. Caffeine can last for several hours after taking it, in the form of coffee or soft drinks, which by eliminating them can help you fall asleep better.
Another way is limiting your naps. If during the day you tend to take naps, you might want to consider changing that habit, because "napping can affect the quality of nighttime sleep." (
One other option is meditation. Meditation can help focus the mind and body so as to lower stress levels. According to a 2011 study, researchers found that "meditation significantly improved sleep quality and overall sleep patterns." (
At the end of the day, we all want to get some sleep. It is a serious problem that can have repercussions. You can try these and many other solutions to help you fight lack of sleep, and remember that even if it may take time to figure out your way to go back to a good sleeping schedule, it is too important to give up on that. You are absolutely not alone in this situation, and although it can definitely be frustrating at times, with the abundance of solutions out there, of which aromatherapy is just one, your particular way is just waiting for you to reveal it.

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